Principal Investigator

I am an Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech. My background is in herpetology, quantitative genetic modeling, systematics and phylogenetic comparative methods.

Curriculum Vitae

Office: 4076 Derring Hall


I study the plant genus Hedyotis L. and its allies from the large tropical Coffee family (Rubiaceae). I am interested in studies related taxonomy, evolution of morphological traits, and phylogenetics & comparative methods in plant systems.


Graduate Students

Nic is a PhD Student primarily interested in trait evolution and how patterns seen in the macroevolutionary scale may help in uncovering the mechanisms of evolution throughout the tree of life. He hopes to apply interesting and novel comparative solutions to different systems; not only to observe patterns but also to examine and understand their causes.

Sean is interested in trait evolution and diversification across the tree of life, with a particular soft spot for herps. He's currently using ecological niche models to determine the evolutionary history of hydric and thermal preferences relative to elevation in Southern Appalachian Plethodontid salamanders.

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Former Lab Members

Sergei is an entomologist and evolutionary biologist who now works at the Finnish Museum of Natural History. His research addresses one of the major challenges in biology - understanding the evolutionary processes that shaped the stunning diversity of organismal forms on Earth. He uses an interdisciplinary approach that involves dung beetle systematics, statistical modeling, and development of new computational tools.